Advanced Casting

ADVANCED CASTING, INC.  is a specialty nonferrous lost wax foundry located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Creating quality original and reproduced decorative nonferrous metal castings has been our focus since1971 .

Utilizing the lost wax method of investment casting for detail, accuracy and crispness, we actively pour 13 alloys to include 2 types of silicon bronze, white bronze, 3 types of brass, aluminum, zinc-aluminum, manganese bronze and sterling (.925) silver, and carat golds.

Objects cast, but not limited to, include jewelry, medallions, award plaques, small sculpture, antique car, motorcycle, and furniture replacement parts, architectural reproductions, old military and law enforcement reproductions, door and cabinet hardware, Christmas ornaments, Southwestern motif objects, belt buckles, limited run small machine parts, wall plaques, artistic water fountain parts, horseback riding spurs, varied art objects, saddle parts, decorative eating/drinking utensils, and hardware for historic building restorations.

We employ static, vacuum assist and centrifugal methods of casting.

12 different types of wax injection molds are made on site including pouring and slush molds to accommodate almost any type object in size from a thimble to a basketball.

Production capacity is from 5 to 5000+ pieces depending on size, finish, and delivery schedule.

Finishes provided include as-cast, prepatina, patinaed, sandblasted, beadblasted, satin, and tumbled. Plating and powder coating can be arranged.


    Advanced Casting, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9332
    Albuquerque, New Mexico   87119-9332

    Voice:  505 873-3429